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Message from the Regional Director

October 2017

Dear Parents,

The school year is off to a great start. Students and teachers are excited to be back and there is a tangible joy and life in our buildings! God’s spirit is alive in the eyes and hearts of our children.

Our school theme this year is Peace and Unity. It is a very timely theme in light of the unrest in our country and world. Each day, our students pray the following prayer. Please feel free to pray with us at home or at work.

Loving Savior, you send me out to restore peace: with my family, with my friends, and with my classmates. And with your guidance, I will know how to be a peacemaker. I can be courageous when it comes to reconciling with others. Please give me your gift of peace and may we all be united in you as we seek a better world. AMEN

“The deepest element of God’s commandment to protect human life is the requirement to show reverence and love for every person and the life of every person.” -Saint John Paul II

This month, Catholic schools recognize that October is respect life month in our church. We will remember that all life is precious in our religious and service activities and classroom teachings. The quote of Saint John Paul II reminds us that we are all precious in the eyes of God. We must remember that we are loved by God thus we must love and understand others. We are called to love everyone. We can make a difference!

Last year, the Archdiocese began a new standardized testing program that measures the growth of each student and allows each teacher to make immediate changes to instruction once the testing data is available,

which is usually 24 hours after testing. SJPIICA showed great growth last year and we are excited for this coming year. Currently, grades 1-8 students are finishing up their first standardized testing benchmark. This MAP testing will be our baseline for future testing. We are excited to delve into the data and grow as teachers to continue to challenge and educate each child. Our early childhood teachers are delving into their own data and working with their mentors to continue to grow and give our little ones a head start with reading, numbers and social skills. The Academy is alive and thriving.

May God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you for your continued love and support of our schools.

Yours in Christ,

Kate Brandley
Regional Director