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Message from the Regional Director

December 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy Advent! Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Those who follow me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” This is a special month because it is Advent, the season before Christmas. It is a special time of year when we celebrate the past, the present and the future all at once! We celebrate the coming of Hope. Jesus connects all times because he came to us in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago and he comes to live with us today, and he will come again! Advent is a season when people come toward Christmas. What does this mean?

We are reminded to “be awake!” Stay alert and do not miss the opportunity to help someone in need at home, at school, at church or on the street. Be kind to people especially the poor, homeless, hungry and the immigrant families in our neighborhoods and at our Academy. Perform generous acts of kindness for others. After all, Advent is the time to recall Jesus’ coming to earth. He came to be with us and to give us his example of how to be a good person. He was always helping people in need. As we anticipate Christmas during this special Advent time, prepare well and stay alert, so no opportunity is missed in doing a good deed to help your dear neighbor, a family member, or another SJPIICA family in need. Let’s make Advent 2017 a special one for our community. We know that goodness and peace will follow when students, parents, teachers, and staff unite in the endeavor of helping others. Let’s strive to perform a good deed or do something nice for someone in need each day during this special season of Advent. Share this act each day with your family.

During these Advent days please talk to your children about the legacy of “giving back.” So many generous people have given to us; this is a modern day example of Jesus’ kindness, concern, and generosity to others, the dear neighbors. May we live in Advent awareness this year and reach out to others who need our kindness and help.

Just a reminder to parents and guardians that grades K2-8 will be testing with MAP in January. We want to show all the learnings that our students have gained. Please make sure they are in school on time, have breakfast and a good night’s sleep. This testing helps our teachers to continue to craft lessons that help each student. Parents may view grades and messages from teachers on our PARENTS WEB account with RENWEB. This account also allows parents to pay tuition, check balances and make changes to demographics. Next year, we will use this site to pay for lunch, field trips and other fees. Here is the link to access PARENTS WEB:

Campuses are also able to help parents. We hope this program will help parents to gather info from SJPIICA by centralizing all information and demographics.

Dear God, our world is in darkness and we need your light of peace and love to shine for us. You gave us that light through your Son, Jesus. Please help us to prepare our hearts and homes to receive the one who came to bring us hope. Help us to shine our lights!


Yours in Christ,

Kate Brandley
Regional Director