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Christmas Show is on Tuesday, December 4th at 9:00 AM in the gym.
Make sure you are emailing your child's teacher to check in.......Communication is KEY!
Who is your favorite Saint?  Columbia Campus LOVES St. Scholastica.
Bring a friend to TOUR our CAMPUS!!!!  We are filling up quickly.

Dear Friend:


At Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy, we recognize that parents are the primary teachers of their children. We are fortunate that so many parents have entrusted us to be their partners in this teaching journey. We appreciate and respect the sacred trust that they have bestowed upon us as we seek to honor our mission to prepare the students to grow in faith and knowledge in a safe, nurturing, structured, and culturally diverse environment.   Our challenging and rich academic and fine arts curriculum helps our students to develop the essential skills to become productive, responsible global citizens and positive young men and women who possess a love of God, of learning, and of service to others.

Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy Columbia Campus has been at the heart of the dynamic North Dorchester neighborhood in Boston since 2008. We attract students from the nearby community as well as the greater Boston area.  We emphasize building community both within our school and with the outside world.  Within the school, each student belongs to a "family," which includes a student from each grade.  In the broader community, our parent corps sponsors and supports many of the Dorchester neighborhood traditions.   Students are involved with an array of social service activities, and have international involvement as well.

I would like to take this time to thank our teachers for all they do during the school year.  They spend much time after school hours to prepare lessons, correct papers, organize plans and prepare for many special activities.  Many times they spend their own money on supplies and materials to provide some of the “extra special” activities and lessons.  They always put in 110% effort!!  I am very proud of my faculty and staff, and most importantly, they are always willing to help me and each other whenever the need arises.  Kudos to our teachers!  We have the very best.

Please take the time to fully explore the rich content created for you, and remember, a visit is worth a thousand clicks. The best way to truly understand everything that the Columbia community has to offer is to come see us at 790 Columbia Road in Dorchester, MA.   We look forward to seeing you!   We invite prospective students and families to find out more about the SJPII experience by contacting our office at (617) 265-0019 ext 7101.


Calendar Reminder

  • December 2nd           First Week of Advent – We will join as a community to light our 1st candle
  • December 3rd             Christmas Show at 9:00 AM in the Gym.   Students should wear their Sunday Best.
  • December 7th              No School-Parent Teacher Conferences from 7:30 AM until 2:30 PM
  • December 10th            Second Week of Advent – We will join as a community to light our 2nd candle
  • December 12th          Morning Social for students and parents in Grade 2.9 and 1 at 7:15 AM.
  • December 10th           PLEASE make sure you order LUNCH for January during this week.
  • December 17th            Third Week of Advent– We will join as a community to light our 3rd candle
  • December 19th            Field Trip – Grade 4 will be walking to the Nutcracker at the Strand Theater.
  • December 20th            11:30 AM ~ Early dismissal ~ NO After School // No SCHOOL BUSES!!


Advent Countdown at Columbia

Advent is a countdown.    We see shopping malls, advertisements and supermarkets reminding us how many shopping days there are until Christmas.   Children count down until the great day of ‘presents’ arrives.   We as Catholics prepare for Christmas by counting down the weeks until we celebrate the birth of Christ with advent candles.

As the season of Advent approaches, let us be reminded of the sense of waiting that the season brings. It is considered a season of preparation for the annual commemoration of Christ’s birth.   This rich and multi-layered season is also designed to prepare the Christian for the glorious possibilities.    It is a season of joyful expectation.

Advent is the liturgical theme of preparation in the church, set aside to bring before our eyes the incarnation of the Lord, the coming of Jesus Christ through Grace.

Advent is something that is ‘arriving soon’. When we have something coming, when we expect an event, an advent, we are usually alert inside.    We are listening.

Advent is such a beautiful season.    It is a time for renewal; it is especially a time for forgiveness because God brings forgiveness to us in the shape of the Son.    Over the next few weeks we will travel once again the road that leads to Bethlehem.    We will follow the cautious young couple along their journey and remember their disappointment over being kept out of the inn.

We will once more enter the stable, smell the odors and watch the manger being prepared.    And along with the people of the village, the shepherds of the field, the angels, and the magi, we will focus our eyes of adoration upon the child in the crib and the star in the sky.

During this season we are meant to be startled, to be awakened to almost infinite possibilities, and claim our souls and lives for the work of recreation, restoration and deep transformation.

How will you celebrate ADVENT??????


Catholic Education
We are excited to share some of the exciting activates we have planned for Catholic Schools Week! The Theme for the week is "Faith, Knowledge & Service."  We are so blessed to have such amazing families as partners in educating the minds, spirits, and hearts of our students.  Each day, our teachers come to SJP2CA with a be the best school in Boston and provide every student with endless opportunities to grow academically, social-emotionally and in their faith. This is what Catholic Education is about!  It is a special calling that aligns with our own personal mission with the prayers and love of Jesus.
Did you know that Catholic Schools…
  • Currently, 6 out of the 9 Supreme Court Justices went to Catholic School (
  • There are 146,526 staff teaching in Catholic Schools; 3.2% are Religious or Clergy (NCEA)
  • 99% of students who attend Catholic Schools graduate! Of those, 86% attend 4-year colleges. (NCEA)...this is true in Boston!!
  • The average student/teacher ration in Catholic schools is 13:1 (NCEA)
  • Our very own Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, was a Catholic School student at one of our Campuses when it was a Parish School! 
  • 50% of all Private School students in Massachusetts attend Catholic Schools
Read more about a Dozen Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools! 

1. We offer an education that combines Catholic faith and teachings with academic excellence. 
2. We partner with parents in the faith formation of their children.
3. We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed.
4. We provide a balanced academic curriculum that ingrates faith, culture and life. 
5. We use technology effectively to enhance education.
6. We instill in students the value of service to others. 
7. We teach children respect of self and others. 
8. We emphasize moral development and self-discipline.
9. We prepare students to be productive citizens and future leaders. 
10. We have a 99% high school graduation rate. 85 percent of our graduates go to college. 
11. We cultivate a faculty and staff of people who are dedicated, caring and effective. 
12. We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.


MAP Testing & Achievement

The Columbia Campus is proud of our growth on the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)  testing this year!  We achieved the highest growth in the diocese.  MAP testing is an online-based, standardized test that measures growth for each individual student. Throughout the year, teachers have been spending many hours looking at data in Reading, Math and Language Use. MAP allows students to develop and reach their own personal goals. Because each student has their individual strengths and areas of growth, the testing report allows for the data to be broken down in specific ways to inform classroom instruction. Principals, Instructional Coaches and Teachers across the Academy spend many hours per week looking at the student data from these data cycles. The data cycles also align with our Professional Development Sessions, Grade Level Meetings and Instructional Leadership Meetings.Teachers will be working with students one on one and setting up Personal Student Goals for their data. #WeareMAP-tastic! #ColumbiaLovesData


Important Reminders to Rock the MAP test! 

  • Be sure to get a good night's rest! Sleeping at least 8 hours will help you feel rested and refreshed. 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast! 
  • Be to school on time. Testing will begin promptly when we come over from Prayer Service and we do not want our students to feel rushed. 
  • Take your time! The test is not a timed test so be sure to read through all of the potential answers to the questions. 
  • Try your best! Students all know their RIT score and their Growth Goals! We all are cheering you on to do your own personal best! 

Partnerships at the Academy

Boston Police 

The Columbia Campus is so very lucky to have a wonderful partnership with the BPD.   The students in our campus have Safety Classes and guest readers.   We truly value the partnership. Thank you for participating and let’s continue the spirit of peace & unity!


Friends of the Academy 

We are so very lucky to have amazing partnerships at the Academy.   We have generous friends that assist our families with overall costs.   Our students directly benefit from these friendships.     It is a beautiful expression of love when changing a child's path through an


Partnership with Emmanuel College

We have continued to strengthen our partnerships with higher education institutions.     Columbia Campus is proud to share that we are a Teaching-Learning Site for Education students at Emmanuel College who are fulfilling their practicum hours for teaching certification.    It is wonderful to have Emmanuel students here to talk to students about their journey to college and what their experiences are like!


 Early Childhood Partnership

We have continued our partnership with The Lynch Foundation Early Childhood Project. Our teachers continue to strengthen their Instructional Practices through coaching and observations, use of data through the GOLD Teaching Strategies model, curriculum Professional Development with OWL and Building Blocks as well as CSEFEL social-emotional growth practices. We are proud to share that due to our success in our Early Childhood Programming, both Pre-K sections as well as both K1 classrooms are currently at a wait list status!


 General Mills Box Tops

Please save any product labels for the school. Drop off the labels or box tops to the school. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Uniform Reminder

The uniform company is on the website.   Your child must be in complete FULL SJPII uniform.   Just a reminder; if you purchase black athletic shoes for your child the shoes must be ALL BLACK (Grades 1 – 8). If there is a red, grey, white or any color stripe he or she will be out of uniform.   Three uniform violations will result in a detention with me.


Medical Reminder

Parents, if your child has an epipen or an inhaler, please send it to our school nurse in the prescription box (with Doctor's Label).   Also, if they have an asthma/allergy action plan please send it to the office.    All medicines need to be clearly labeled in the prescribed container.     It is imperative that we are made aware of any illness.   Thank you for your support & cooperation.


Columbia Prayer !!!

The wonderful tradition continues in our Campus of praying for our community.   The students had a prayer wall for the entire community in the past. This year the student’s will use a Special Intentions Book to pray for all the written intentions.   If you would like to add special intentions to the Prayer Book please drop by or call the office and it will be written.   There is nothing like the prayer of a child.


Readers Needed!!!

If you enjoy reading and always wanted to be an actor or actress then you need to volunteer to read in your child’s classroom.   Our students are looking for dynamic people that love to become engaged with a story.   Call the school if you are interested in molding young minds!!!!!

Schedules for Reading

If you would like to read to the K classrooms the morning is best 8:00 AM until 900 AM.

Elementary & Middle School Levels – The times can vary …….please email your child's teacher.

All Volunteers must have a current 2018 – 2019 CORI.


Prayer for PEACE & UNITY

Every morning the students in the Academy pray together at 7:30 AM.   One special prayer we say daily is the Prayer for Peace & Unity.   We hope that you will say this prayer with us at 7:30 AM where ever you are at this time.   


Loving Savior, you send me out to restore peace:
with my family, with my friends, and with my classmates.

AND with your guidance, 

I will know how to be a peacemaker.

I can be courageous when it comes to reconciling with others.

Please give me your gift of peace and may we all be united in you as we seek a better world.


All Volunteers must have a current 2018– 2019 CORI.

Our Mission

Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy encourages students to grow in faith and knowledge in a safe, nurturing, structured, and culturally diverse environment.   Our challenging and rich academic and fine arts curriculum helps our students to develop the essential skills to become productive, responsible global citizens and positive young men and women who possess a love of God, of learning, and of service to others.



It has been a great start to the year and I know it will only continue.  We appreciate your cooperation and support.   



We, at Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy ~ Columbia Campus, hope you & your family have a wonderful day!!!!

Kind regards,
Claire F. Barton Sheridan


Twitter - @CBSSJP2Columbia  

Instagram - sjp2ca_csheridan


  • Virtue of the MONTH is Justice & Service
  • Tours Available - We would love for you to bring two friends to visit the school.  Call  (617-265-0019 ext. 7101) and we will give you a tour! Spread the GOOD NEWS of the Academy. 
  • LOOK at the CALENDAR for November!!!
  • 11/26 Book Fair
  • 11/27 Picture Retake & Graduation Pictures
  • 12/04 Christmas Show
  • 12/07 NO School-Parent Conferences
  • 12/20 Early Dismissal 11:15 AM
School Materials
Six things you should know about our Catholic Schools!