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We believe that every student is a child of God at a unique stage of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. A Catholic Faith Formation curriculum is used at all grade levels and Catholic values will be emphasized in all instructional areas. Students will also have prayer experiences, sacraments, and service opportunities in a caring, Christian community. We work to provide our students an opportunity to know our loving God as well as become Christian leaders for the world.


Grades K2 through grade 5 utilizes Pearson’s Reading Street Common Core Edition to support rigorous levels of reading and writing in the classroom. The curriculum is characterized by:

  • Developmentally  appropriate scope and sequence of phonics lessons
  • Leveled non-fiction and fiction readers allowing for differentiation of instruction
  • Rich vocabulary instruction
  • Focused building of content area knowledge (science, history, and social studies) to strengthen vertical alignment across grade levels
  • A rich and engaging technology platform (REALIZE) for teachers and students

Reading Street Common Core helps the Academy implement the Common Core state standards and increase student achievement while instilling a love of reading.

Student focused literacy work stations are implemented in our classrooms. Teachers flexibly group students in literacy centers that engage and target both skill areas and abilities.

Collins Writing Program

Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy uses the Collins Writing Program to emphasize and improve student writing and thinking skills across the curriculum using a common format and scaffolded approach to the art of writing. The program focuses on these three essential principles:

  • Thinking and writing skills develop best with frequent, meaningful practice (within and beyond the Language Arts classroom.)
  • Most students develop writing and thinking skills incrementally through a variety of informal and formal writing experiences across subject areas.
  • Each of the Five Types of Writing (ranging from informal brainstorm, to polished pieces that involve numerous drafts and careful editing) serves a distinct instructional purpose that is easily adapted to student needs and differences between subject areas.

All students will keep a portfolio of their written work which will allow teachers, students, and parents a concrete way to monitor each student’s development.


Grades K2 through Grade 6 use Pearson’s enVisions Math Program for their daily math instruction. EnVisions Math fully aligns to the Common Core State Standards. The enVision Math curriculum specializes in a focused, coherent, rigorous model that support the State Standards. Some of the program’s notable features include:

  • Lessons with guiding questions to assess understanding which include Big Ideas and Essential Understandings.
  • Teachers are able to customize lesson plans which allows instruction to be differentiated at all instructional levels.
  • A strong focus on reasoning and conceptual skills. Students who are exposed to reasoning skills early on become more confident, independent learners. Students are able to develop a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts and apply the skills learned in everyday life.  
  • A technology platform (REALIZE) for teachers and students to engage in problem-based interactive learning. 


EnVisions Math allows teachers and students to build successful math skills with innovative lessons, problem based interactive learning, small group instruction, research-based standards, and reliable teaching tools.