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Guidance Counselors are a part of a unique collaboration with the Boston College City Connects Program and the Catholic Schools. Every Campus has a full-time, Masters level Guidance Counselor that supports students in academic, social-emotional, family and health related areas. The Guidance Counselor engages with families in an authentic way to provide a pathway for a positive home to school collaboration. Guidance Counselors connect families and students to many different resources both in school and in the community. Through our partnership with the Boston College City Connects Program, we are able to track our data and services in a way that provides meaningful information to the teachers and administration. In addition, new partnerships are constantly invited to join our school community. Partnerships with The Home for Little Wanderers and Pyramid Builders provide individual, school-based counseling for students. As part of the model, Guidance Counselors lead weekly Student Support Team meetings and ensure that 100% of our school community is part of this process. The Student Support Team consists of the classroom teacher, Principal, school-based clinician, school nurse and Title One teacher. Students are reviewed for both their areas of strength as well as areas of growth. The Student Support Team functions as a connection to services where everyone is working in the best interest of the students and our school.

Guidance Counselors lead social skills groups, executive function skills groups and friendship groups with students in K1 to grade 8. Students are able to work with their peers on skills that will support their development both academically and socially.

Guidance Counselors also work with partnering Catholic, Charter, Exam and Independent High Schools to ensure that 100% of our 8th grade students are prepared for the ISEE and HSPT as well as the application process. The Guidance Counselor is able to support students in making sure their application is in on time and also work with teachers to ensure that the students receive support in reviewing their essays.

Guidance Counselors are a key support person in the school each day. Some additional supports that are provided through Guidance and Guidance referrals are:

  • Mentoring
  • Partnerships with Strong Women Strong Girls and Girl Scouts
  • On-site dental care
  • Tutoring
  • Family Engagement
  • Social skills groups
  • Volunteer projects
  • Summer Programs
  • Fine Arts
  • After-School
  • Extra-curricular activities and clubs
  • Family liaison between parents/guardians and teachers
  • Student Council
  • Partner with teachers