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March Newsletter


Dear Parents, Faculty, Staff, Alums, Friends and Donors ,


I write you today with a heavy heart about the closing of our beloved Mattapan campus.   I accept that change is necessary.  All that we have shared with each other, with our students and with our families will live on and will leave imprints on the hearts and souls of each of us.


I pray that I will be able to be the servant leader that our community needs at this time and that you know I will help you, the students and families of Mattapan any way that I can.


I offer you a Lenten reflection that was written for March 1, the day we first learned out about the closing. The strength of our entire staff and this passage is where I found the faith, courage and optimism to face our challenges along with you.


March 1   Jeremiah 31: 3-4

Some events in life might compare to a hammer tap; others feel like a wrecking ball.  These are times when it seems the very walls and structures of life have collapsed, and nothing will ever be the same. It may be a health reversal, the loss of a child, spouse, parent, or a sudden financial setback. (Or leaving the Mattapan Campus).  How are we to live among such ruins, when everything familiar has changed?  Today's scripture offers this hope.  God says, "I have loved you with everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness, I will build you up again, and you.... will be rebuilt."  God promises Israel - and us - that He will work among the ruins, and do so with loving-kindness.  Life may never look as it once did and the landscape may be changed, but if God is behind the reconstruction, He will bring beauty and purpose where you thought you would never see it again.


Lord Jesus, I want to partner with You in this. Help me not to spend my days looking over my shoulder, remembering what was- the way things used to be.  In Your strong, gentle grace, renew my vision and align my heart with Your plans, Your intentions, for the rest of my life. Amen.


After Friday's meeting, Ms. Sheehan, our second grade teacher for 25+ years,  said," God is calling me and has a new plan for me".  She is so right even though her heart is aching for her love of Mattapan. We all feel a bit bewildered and melancholy about our campus closing in June.  I am so grateful our teachers each said "YES" to the vocation of a Catholic School educator and are so willing to say "YES" again to the challenge.  The Lower Mills Campus has room for every student here in Mattapan.  Our K1 team, K2 team, Grade 2, Latin and Computer teachers will be going to Lower Mills.  All campuses will have members of the Mattapan team on board.  I look forward to being part of the transition team as we as assimilate everyone into the campus of your choice.


The former kindergarten teacher in me, asks you to sing "This Little Light of Mine" out loud with your child tonight,  on your ride home or as a solo in the shower.  You all have many talents and gifts to share beyond this beautiful campus community.  You are now called to let your lights shine in new places and illuminate new classrooms, hallways, faculty rooms, parent corps meetings and churches with your joy, knowledge and loving kindness.  You will make our Academy glow and radiate Christ's love, faith, hope and wisdom on a different campus, never forgetting that our Mission remains the same and it will continue to guide our daily encounters. We are not closing our Academy, we are consolidating campuses. You will create sacred ground for God's children, families and faculties wherever you go.


I continue to ask for the prayers and support of our donors as we all make this journey together.  The outreach from all of our stakeholders has been so appreciated.


I am so proud to be with you today and in the days ahead.

God bless you all and may your find peace in the decisions ahead.

May God hold you in the palm of His hand and gently place us where we are meant to be.


Ah, Qu'il le bon, le bon Dieu!


Lenten blessings,

Kathi Aldridge


WINTER Dates to Remember:

  *We will be having a transition program that will include everyone.  I will roll out all these dates when they have been finalized. 


Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy in Mattapan has been awarded five scholarships as part of the Peter Lynch Scholars Program created by the Catholic Schools Foundation. Michael Brice, Karl Jean Baptiste, Schnaylgee Souffrant, Sariah George and Falone Bertrand are members of the seventh class of Peter Lynch scholars. They are five of approximately one hundred and eighty nine students from across the greater Boston area to be selected. Congratulations!    

*Come in today to fill out a CORI form so you can volunteer at our school. We always encourage parents to come in to read to the class, chaperone on field trips or school events, etc!
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