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"There is no better feeling then knowing that your child is part of a community that truly loves her and does everything they can to not only make her feel comfortable but to instill the importance of education into her life. From the first day she started we have felt the love and sincerity from every teacher, faculty member, and parent at that school. It truly is a family and I am very honored for my daughter and myself to be a part of this family. SJPIICA has also strengthened the relationship that she has with God and she has learned to be kind, humble, and an overall wonderful child not only from the teachings at her school but being able to see it modeled everyday. The sense of community and family is unlike anything you will find in any other school. I would choose Catholic Schools especially Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy-Lower Mills Campus over any school there is just no comparison." 
-Grade 4 Lower Mills Parent
"Love and kindness, those are the words that come to mind whenever I enter SJPIICA. From my very first visit as a prospective parent, I was immediately met with kind faces and helpful answers to my many questions. As a current parent, there is no comparison to the sense of love and community that exists between the students, staff, leadership and community. There are clear principles guiding the work the teachers and staff do each day and a clear love of God and Christ that brings great comfort and joy. When my daughter sings songs she has learned in school or reminds me to pray before I eat or sounds out letters in a word, I think of how grateful I am to be a part of such a loving and faith-filled school community. I am blessed that my daughter is getting the academic and spiritual "food" she needs to continue growing as a loving, kind, and intelligent human being."
-KI Lower Mills Parent  
"SJP is a great school, I love the morning assembly where teachers always greet me and my son.The school is diverse, family oriented and parents have opportunity to get involved by volunteering. I love how they stay on top of everything by showing ways to help your child succeed and daily communication between parents, teacher or after school staff. The Principal, teachers and after school teachers are friendly, caring and loving. Its a joy when I walk into the school everyone knows my son. Going inside the school is a warm and welcoming place, I always look forward to bringing or picking up my son. With prayers and the help of the SJPIICA family,I'm hoping to have all three of my children attend until 8th grade."
-Neponset Parent
"I really love Saint John Paul for everything they do. I love how Gaby has come along and how she's excelled. Her language, her speech, the way she enunciates and articulates blows me away and I could say it's all thanks to Saint John Paul. Thank you so much for the support and the help and teaching my baby girl she is blowing my mind away and continues to do so every day."
-Kamisha Negrobard, SJP Parent
"I am currently at Saint Joseph Preparatory High School and one of my favorite classes is Biology. I am ahead of the class because of my experience with the STEM Program. Through STEM, I developed a love for Science learning about DNA, hearts and brains. In high school, I am learning about DNA and RNA and the experience I had helped my understanding of the subject as well as my grade. I would strongly recommend SJPIICA for all middle school students. If I could go back to eighth grade, STEM Week would be one of the top highlights!"
-Joshua May, former student
"Saint Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy holds a special place in my family's heart. The teachers and staff are passionate, patient and dedicated to their students. Their creative skills are by far the best I've seen! This is what makes them so special to us. For the past four years, I never, not once had to look for outside resources to help my daughter learn. The resources always came to me; this school gets it! They are proactive with providing additional resources to help our children excel with confidence! The culture within the walls of Saint Pope John Paul II Academy is a great example of how beauty comes from within. The relationship we have is far greater than your normal teacher/parent/student; they are like family."
-Grade 2 Parent
"We send our son, Tabor, to Saint John Paul because the environment is always positive and welcoming. Everyone is always smiling and willing to offer assistance when needed. The teachers go above and beyond for each individual child. My son comes home each day singing new songs and expressing his excitement about his day! Every morning he is eager to go to school! We can't thank Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy for instilling such an early love of school in our four year old."
-Brianne Gore, SJP Parent
"I love teaching at SJP2CA. The students are encouraged to have personal and specific hope for the future. They can articulate and believe in this and share their vision with others. This is a great school because it knows it can't do it all, so it seeks to do what's necessary exceptionally well!"
-Linda Roach, Teacher
"I love sending my son to SJP, he has been growing and learning so much in the last two years. The sense of community that the school brings is amazing. I'm proud to be an SJP parent. Thank you to all who create such a nurturing environment."
-Mrs. Vasquez, SJP Parent
"I worked with over twenty students. Overall, we had a wonderful group of children. I felt we made great strides, not only helping to improve math skills, but we also saw real progress in their willingness to participate  in the classroom exercises. Several students that were quite reluctant to raise their hands at the beginning of the year were active participants by year end. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with these students, the experience was extremely rewarding."
- Bill Cooney, Volunteer Tutor
"SJP made my grandson love school."
- Anonymous
"SJP helped me to become the person I am today. It taught me to be respectful and responsible to my peers. This school shaped me to become a gentleman."
- Godswill Igbokwe, former student
"Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy helped develop me into the person I am today. Just being there created a learning experience I could find no place else. going to Mass and learning about religion strengthened my faith. With support from the SJP community, I was able to find the high school that was the best fit for me."
- Jonathan Ramos, former student
"I am thankful for SJP helping me through the years. Without their support I wouldn't be able to keep my daughter in a Catholic school. They have given me the love, support and courage I've needed. SJP allowed both my daughters to learn how to be the independent women they are today."
- Maria Goncalves, parent
"SJPIICA helped develop me into a man. I was fully prepared for high school and put in the best position to excel academically. The support from my teachers was and forever will be appreciated in that they're the reason I got to where I am today."
- Dejion Evans, former student
"I like SJP because I feel like I belong here."
- Emily, student
"I am very happy to be at Saint John Paul because the school is very nice, safe and a very caring and loving Catholic school."
- Joby, student
"The education is great because the classes are small, the teachers give me attention and I have made many friends."
- Minorah, student