Fall Opening Plans


The Department of Public Health (DPH) and the COVID-19 Command Center developed new Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards in consultation with the Reopening Advisory Board. These new standards will apply universally to all reopening workplaces, and are designed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to employees and customers during the phases of reopening, and are applicable to all sectors and industries.

These safety standards will be supplemented by sector-specific safety protocols and recommended best practices, which will provide further details and limited exceptions.  We at, SJP2CA, have implemented the needed measures to ensure the safety standards are met at our schools.

Social Distancing

All persons, including employees, customers, and vendors should remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible, both inside and outside workplaces.

Masks/Face Coverings

As the primary route of transmission for COVID-19 is respiratory, masks or face coverings are among the most critical components of risk reduction. Masks/face coverings protect the general public against COVID-19 infection, with a recent retrospective study estimating near 80% effectiveness in reducing COVID-19 transmission, especially when worn prior to symptom onset.

  • Students in grade KII and above are required to wear a mask/face covering that covers their nose and mouth.
    • Students in Grades K2-8 and all adults at SJP2CA will be required to bring and wear all day a mask/face covering while they are on campus, including time before and after school or at any activities sanctioned by the schools.Should a student not have a mask, one will be provided by SJP2CA for the day.   We are recommending that you have two masks for each day.
    • Although not required in the early childhood classrooms, younger students will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask/face covering as well during the day.   When the students arrive and dismiss from school a mask/face covering is required.  In addition, a mask/face covering is required for all recess or outside play or activity.
  • Adults, including educators and staff, are required to wear masks/face coverings.
    • All adults are required to wear face masks. If needed, SJP2CA will provide the mask or face covering for the day.   It is our recommendation that each person has three masks/face coverings for each day.
  • Exceptions to mask/face covering requirements must be made for those for whom it is not possible due to medical conditions, disability impact, or other health or safety factors.
    • Any student, faculty or staff member with medical conditions, disability impact, or other health or safety factors should contact the School Nurse prior to first entry to the school building.
    • Exceptions will be addressed on an individual basis.
  • Mask breaks should occur throughout the day.Breaks should occur when students can be six feet apart and ideally outside or at least with the windows open.
    • SJP2CA teachers are scheduling regular mask breaks throughout the day and be cognizant of the individual needs of each child for more breaks.
    • Teachers will be encouraged to have students outside when appropriate and possible.
    • Teachers will be assigned mask breaks as well.
  • Masks/face coverings should be provided by the student/family, but extra disposable face masks are available by the school for students who need them. Reusable masks/face coverings provided by families should be washed by families daily.
    • Students in Grades KII-8 and all adults at SJP2CA will be required to bring and wear all day a mask/face covering while they are on campus, including time before and after school or at any activities sanctioned by the schools. Should a student not have a mask, one will be provided by SJP2CA for the day.
  • Masks/face coverings are required to be worn by everyone on the bus during school bus transportation.
    • All children using the Boston Public School busses are required to wear a face mask/covering while on the bus.
  • Transparent face coverings provide the opportunity for more visual cues and should be especially considered as an alternative for younger students, and or students with hearing impairments.
    • It is our recommendation that parents purchase a transparent face masks/coverings for students in Grades KII through 2 if possible.Students who are learning to read will be able to see the proper lip and tongue placement which is critical in phonics instruction.
  • Establish protocols to ensure that employees can practice adequate social distancing

Physical distancing

Physical distancing is another important practice that helps mitigate transmission of the virus. While the U.S. Federal CDC has recommended maintaining a physical distance of six feet between individuals, the World Health Organization’s guidance states approximately three feet. There is no precise threshold for safety; indeed, studies suggest that physical distancing of three feet or more leads to reduced transmission, with additional distance providing additional protection.

A minimum physical distance of three feet has been established when combined with the other measures outlined in this list of safety requirements. Because of the reduced susceptibility in children and lower apparent rates of transmission, establishing a minimum physical distance of three feet is informed by evidence and balances the lower risk of COVID-19 transmission and the overarching benefits of in-person school.

  • Distancing requirements: As reviewed and advised by the Massachusetts COVID-19 Command Center Medical Advisory Group, schools should aim for a physical distance of six feet when feasible, and three feet is the minimum distance allowed. Schools should seek to maximize physical distance among individuals within their physical and operational constraints.
    • SJP2CA has reviewed all its space to maintain social distancing at all times for students with the three feet minimum.
    • Students will remain within their cohort and eat lunch in the classroom to maintain social distancing and to reduce physical contact.
  • Classroom and facility configuration: To the extent possible, aim for desks to be spaced six feet apart (but no fewer than three feet apart) and facing the same direction. Again, schools should seek to maximize physical distance between desks within their physical and operational constraints.
    • All classrooms have been reconfigured to follow the three feet guidelines for social distancing.
  • Alternative spaces in the school (e.g., cafeteria, library, and auditorium) should be repurposed to increase the amount of available space to accommodate the maximum distance possible.
    • The gymnasium will open for non-contact gym classes.

Student groups

To minimize the number of students who would potentially be exposed in the event of a COVID19 event, to the extent feasible, elementary schools should aim to keep students in the same group throughout the day and middle and high schools are encouraged to minimize mixing student groups to the extent feasible.  Our initial requirements and related guidance are as follows:

  • Cohorts: Schools should divide students into small groups that remain with each other throughout the day, with smaller cohort sizes preferred. Schools should look for ways to isolate cohorts of students and prevent inter-group contact to the extent feasible.
    • For specific disciplines, the teachers will move to minimize student movement.
    • Specific travel patterns will be used when movement is necessary.
  • Capacity: There are no required maximums on cohort or group sizes, so long as schools adhere to the physical distancing requirements above.
    • SJP2CA has adhered to the guidelines for social distancing with the three feet minimum.
  • Provide signage for safe social distancing
    • SJP2CA has posted signage throughout the building addressing;
    • Handwashing and or sanitizing
    • Being Socially distant
    • Wearing their mask
  • Require face coverings or masks for all employees
    • As stated above all will be wearing masks.

Hygiene Protocols

  • Provide hand washing capabilities throughout the workplace
    • At SJP2CA each bathroom is equipped with necessary hand washing supplies.
  • Ensure frequent hand washing by employees and adequate supplies to do so
    • At SJP2CA classrooms will have a designated times to wash hands and to use hand sanitizer when washing is not available.
    • Sanitizer stations are located in all hallway and common areas.
  • Provide regular sanitization of high touch areas, such as workstations, equipment, screens, doorknobs, restrooms throughout work site
      • At SJP2CA all common areas will be cleaned on a regular basis by the custodian and the staff.

Staffing and Operations

  • Provide training for employees regarding the social distancing and hygiene protocols
    • SJP2CA held training for the employees and informed the stake holders of the procedures that will be followed for maintaining the needed standards.
  • Employees who are displaying COVID19-like symptoms do not report to work
    • COVID-19 Policy
    • The cleaning service will be called immediately to decontaminate the building using all CDC-approved disinfectants.
    • If living with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, we are asking that you inform the school and self-quarantine for the needed two weeks. This includes all the SJP2CA faculty and staff.
    • If someone in the SJP2CA community travels out of the state, that person will be asked to self-quarantine for two weeks.
  • Establish a plan for employees getting ill from Covid-19 at work, and a return-to-work plan
    • SJP2CA will have their employees get a negative COVID -19 test to return to work.
  • Employers should take measures to ensure employees comply with all State-issued rules concerning out of state Travelfor any employer-paid or -reimbursed travel
    • SJP2CA is asking all of our employees to adhere to the state regulations.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Establish and maintain cleaning protocols specific to the business
    • SJP2CA has a cleaning service in addition to the daily expectations. The following will be done throughout the day by faculty.
    • To ensure effective cleaning and disinfecting, we will clean surfaces with soap and water first, then disinfect using a diluted bleach solution, alcohol solution with at least 70% alcohol, or an EPA- approved disinfectant for use against the virus that causes COVID-19. Cleaning first will allow the disinfecting product to work as intended to destroy germs on the surface.
    • Clean and disinfect toys and activity items, including sports and specialty camp activity equipment (e.g. and climbing walls), used by children more frequently than usual and take extra care to ensure that all objects that children put in their mouths are removed from circulation, cleaned, and sanitized before another child is allowed to use it.
    • For electronics, such as tablets, touch screens, keyboards, and remote controls, remove visible contamination if present. Consider putting a wipe able cover on electronics. Follow manufacturer’s instruction for cleaning and disinfecting. If no guidance, use alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol. Wait in accordance with manufacturer’s directions and then dry the surface thoroughly or allow air to dry. Provide cleaning materials for older children to clean their own electronics.
    • Classroom Routine
      • At the end of each day the classroom teacher will have the student clean their space.
      • After dismissal the teacher will wear gloves and wipe down each….
        • Student desk
        • Boards
        • All touchable surface areas (Sanitizer bottle, tables, expo markers, pencil jar, etc…)
        • Door handles
        • Window ledges
  • When an active employee is diagnosed with COVID19, cleaning and disinfecting must be performed
    • SJP2CA outsources to a cleaning service that will be providing immediate support if there is an active case of COVID – 19 is diagnosed.
  • Disinfection of all common surfaces must take place at intervals appropriate to said workplace
    • As stated above

Poster and Translations

Posters that businesses can print and display within the business premises regarding these mandatory standards for maintaining social distancing, hygiene protocols, staffing and operations, and cleaning and disinfecting.

  • SJP2CA has all required posters/flyers regarding the mandatory standards for maintaining social distancing, hygiene protocols, operations and cleaning throughout the building.

Detailed measure’s support the COVID-19 Protocol Plan:

  • Classrooms
    • All will have limited seating capacity for social distancing.
    • All desks will face the same direction.
    • Hand sanitizer will be in each classroom so students will sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the room.
    • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed in common areas.
    • Each classroom will be equipped with gloves for lunch or as needed for the teacher and or students.
    • Sanitizing Spray Bottles are in each classroom. The custodian will check it daily in the morning to make sure it is FULL with the needed chemicals.
    • Frequent handwashing will also happen throughout the day.
    • Students in Preschool through Grade 3 will remain in the same cohort throughout the day.
    • Teachers that teach the specials, like Art, Gym, and Music, will teach the cohorts but at more than a 6 feet distance. The gym class will be outside unless the weather does not permit. If possible, we will use the “outdoor classroom” when possible.   This means the teacher will take the students outside and conduct class from outside.
    • Windows and doors will remain open to increase ventilation. In addition, we have an air filtering system in place at Columbia.  The filters have been changed to begin school and will be checked according to a schedule.
    • Masks are required for all students in Grades KII through Grade 8 while in their academic lessons
    • Students in Early Childhood need to come to school wearing their mask and need it for all outside activities.
    • If possible, students are encouraged to have clear masks to allow others to interact with them more easily.
    • We will have scheduled and as needed mask breaks with the students being six feet apart, and the windows are open.
    • For risk reduction, all twins will be in the same homeroom when in the same grade level.
    • All students will need to have their own supplies as no sharing is allowed. The teachers will create needed supply bags for students as well for manipulates etc….
    • Each child should have pencils, pens, coloring utensils, notebooks, masks, as well as a snack, full water bottle and lunch (if not purchasing).It is in the best interest of the students to pack extra snacks and water.
    • Each child should have a water bottle or two. We have two filling stations if a child needs to refill, but the water fountains have been covered.
    • While the students eat lunch in the classroom they will put up a lunch screen for them to be able to remove the mask for eating. The lunch screen will be wiped down after it is used.   At the end of the day the teacher will re-wipe each screen.
    • Carts – Teacher carts for switching classes – Middle School and Specials will each have a movable work station to meet the needs of the classroom students.
  • Morning Drop-off
    • We strongly encourage that you do not drop off your child early. We ask that you either drop off at 7:15 AM or have your child wait in the car until the doors open.   Each campus will have specific guidelines
    • Students will enter their designated door for a temperature check. Then file immediately to their classroom.  All students will go immediately to their homeroom upon entering the school. No student may enter the building before 7:15.
    • If you arrive early, you will need to wait in your car with your child.
  • Afternoon Pick-up
    • SJP2CA dismissal will look very different moving forward. See campus for specific instructions
  • Lunches
    • Lunch will be held in the classrooms to reduce the amount of interaction between and among students.
    • Hot lunch and milk will be served and brought to students.
    • No sharing of any food is allowed.
    • Lunches and or food cannot be delivered to the building at all. (Per CDC, MAS DOE and EEC)
  • Recess
    • Children in all grades will go outside for recess, but must remain with their cohort and wear their mask at all times.
  • Gym
    • Gym is to be held outside whenever possible. Students will wear their masks at all times.
    • During inclement weather, classes will be held in the gymnasium as its size allows for social distancing with their mask.
  • Bathrooms
    • Students will use hand sanitizer before entering the bathroom.
    • Due to the size of the bathrooms some stalls will be closed for social distancing. This will only allow one student at a time in the bathroom.
    • Students will use hand sanitizer after they finish with the bathroom as well. We understand the student just washed their hands, but it is another safety protocol.
    • The bathrooms will have the doors open to the bathrooms and a tag for in use or vacant.
    • There will be markings in the hallway for students who are waiting to use facilities.
  • Hallways
    • Directional arrows will be used to maintain social distance.
  • Main Office
    • People using the Main Office will be limited to school personnel only.
    • No visitors or volunteers will be allowed to enter the building.
    • All parents will use the Main Entrance to the building and remain in the Foyer.
    • Sheets for parents to sign students in or to dismiss students will be located there.
    • Clean pens and sanitizing wipes will be available.
    • Dismissal of sick children will be through the Foyer. The child will be brought to the parent/guardian.
    • Any item that needs to be sent to the Main Office is to be left in a container outside the office door.
    • We do not have a public restroom.
  • Nurse’s Office
    • Confidentiality is maintained regarding all individuals’ records.
    • Parents are asked to monitor their child/ren’s health daily and to keep child/ren home if manifesting any symptoms of illness.
    • Students’ teachers will send a written note to the School Nurse when a child is sick. This will help the nurse to assist the student more effectively.
    • All sick children need to be removed from school immediately.
    • We have an isolation section of the new Nurses’ Room for anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms and or any contagious systems.
    • It is separate are of the Nurse’s office with its own entrance/exit.This will help limited personnel in this space.
    • If more than one child is there, social distancing will be practiced.However, it is imperative that you pick up your child immediately when called.
  • Extended Day
    • SJP2CA is hoping to be able to offer this program to families.
    • DESE guidelines are pending.
    • Afterschool tutoring opportunities may be provided at a later date
  • Regular daily classroom cleaning
    • Being proactive is critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and any/all contagious illnesses. Key to this is maintaining indoor preparedness.
    • All shared space will be cleaned throughout the day. Time will be built into the schedule to accommodate this.
    • The cleaning service, Sanitrol, will be here during the day and evening using appropriate cleaners to sanitize. This is in addition to the cleaning the teachers will be doing daily.
  • COVID-19 Policy: (these policies are subject to revision based upon new recommendations of the CDC, DESE and other agencies)
    • SJP2CA will contact Dept of Public Health, Catholic Schools office and other agencies to assess the situation.
    • SJP2CA will quarantine a (2.9 to grade 5) classroom or space for 14 days if anyone in that community tests positive for COVID-19.If a middle school student tests positive for COVID 19, the entire middle school will be quarantined for 14 days. Students and teachers will shift to remote learning. We will notify the community using the RenWeb system.
    • The cleaning service will be called immediately to decontaminate the building using all CDC-approved disinfectants.
    • If living with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, we are asking that you inform the school and self-quarantine for the needed two weeks. This includes all the SJP2CA faculty and staff.
    • If someone in the SJP2CA community travels out of the state, that person will be asked to self-quarantine for two weeks.
    • A child or staff member may not return to school without a Dr’s note. If a family refuses to test for COVID 19, the child may not return to school for 14 days and with a Dr’s note.

The complete COVID_19 Protocol Plan Q and A can be found here >