Student Support

To enhance learning at Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy, a series of support systems are in place to help each student reach her/his full potential academically and personally.


Guidance Counselors are a part of a unique collaboration with the Boston College City Connects Program and the Catholic Schools. Each Campus has a full-time, Masters level Guidance Counselor that supports students in academic, social-emotional, family and health related areas. The Guidance Counselor engages with families in an authentic way to provide a pathway for a positive home to school collaboration.

As part of the model, Guidance Counselors lead weekly Student Support Team meetings that include the classroom teacher, Principal, school-based clinician, school nurse and Title One teacher. Students are reviewed for both their areas of strength as well as areas of growth. The Student Support Team functions as a connection to services where everyone is working in the best interest of the students and our school.

Our guidance team connects families and students to many different resources both in school and in the community. They lead student resources including:

  • social skills groups
  • executive function skills groups
  • friendship groups
  • volunteer projects
  • tutoring supports

Guidance Counselors also work with students to explore their next steps after the Academy. They help to ensure that 100% of our 8th grade students are prepared for the ISEE and HSPT as well as the application process. The Guidance Counselor is able to support students in making sure their application is in on time and also work with teachers to ensure that the students receive essay support.

Through support and partnerships with Catholic, Charter, Exam and Independent High Schools, our students are prepared for success.


The nurses role is to maintain a healthy school environment and to promote wellness. The nurse provides skilled nursing care and manages the special medical needs of our student in a nurturing environment.

The primary role of the school nurse is to support student learning and support in maintaining a safe school for all. The nurse accomplishes this by implementing strategies that promote student and staff health and safety. The nurse takes a leadership role in serving as the coordinator of all school health programs:

  • Health Services — serves as the coordinator of the health services program and provides nursing care
  • Health Education — provides health education to students, staff and parents
  • Healthy Environment — identifies health and safety concerns in the school environment and promotes a nurturing social environment
  • Nutritional Services — supports healthy food services programs.  The nursing department recently partnered with the University of Massachusetts extensions nutrition program, which provided our student one 45-minute session for six weeks of age approach nutrition education.
  • Physical Education/Activity — promotes healthy physical education, sports policies and practices
  • Counseling — provides health counseling, assesses mental health needs, provides interventions and refers students to appropriate school staff or community agencies which includes our on site clinician from the home for little wanderers.
  • Parent/Community Involvement — promotes community involvement in assuring a healthy school.


Every month, the nurses offer students and families a different “tip” from the Nutrition Education Series.  They offer information about fruits, vegetables snacks, food planning, purchasing and preparing, to help families make healthy choices.

We are fortunate to have the University of Massachusetts Nutrition Program come into our Academy to teach nutrition classes to our students. in every grade.

The children have gym once a week and learn the importance of exercise.

All of this is reinforced every month by the nurses who meet with each class about nutrition topics that help all the children learn the best way to stay healthy.

Our meals are provided by Preferred Meals, please visit their website to download your campus menus.