Our outstanding academics - as well as extended day, vacation and summer programs - help our students develop strong academic skill sets, and a mindset for success at an early age.

  • Our early-education participants are 40% less likely to repeat a grade, 30% more likely to graduate from high school and more than twice as likely to go to college.
  • Our students excel in science, technology, engineering, and math programs (STREAM)and have an opportunity to compete in the Bridge Build Competition and annual Science Fair
  • Our balanced meals come with low-fat milk and a strict ban on unhealthy foods such as soft drinks or candy. We want every student to learn to eat well and live a long and healthy lifestyle.

All three campuses offer students the same exciting and challenging curriculum based on high academic benchmarks such as the Massachusetts Frameworks, Common Core and National Science and Math standards that are consistent across all grade levels from Preschool (Age 2.9) to Grade 8. A Catholic Faith Formation curriculum is taught at every grade level.

The well-planned curriculum is organized into units of study that promote reading, writing, and critical thinking across all subject areas. Students not only get a solid foundation in literacy and mathematics skills, but also are pushed to develop their creative and analytical thinking abilities for lifelong learning. The curriculum promotes strong Catholic values throughout and our instruction and assessment programs are geared to high standards.

“What I like about school is that we get to explore things. Teachers make class fun and it makes it easier to learn.”

Grade 8 student Columbia Campus Columbia Campus
90% of Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy students in K1 are ready for K2
67% of Academy students participate in the extended day enrichment program last year
75% of third grade students are reading at or above grade level
67% of Academy students are Catholic