Elementary Education

The Academy is deeply committed to providing an excellent education focused on "the whole child" through strong academics and before and after-school programs that enhance learning and creativity. We are proud to share that our students outscore all other students in reading proficiency when our test scores are compared with public and charter school testing results.

The Academy’s teachers utilize best practices to deliver a stimulating and robust academic curriculum, enlightened by Catholic teachings, to prepare students to succeed. Our teacher’s recognize students’ unique gifts and needs and strive to ensure each child grows across multiple dimensions.

From preschool to grade three, students are learning to read but from fourth grade on students must be able to read to learn. Seventy-eight percent of the Academy’s grade three students are reading proficient. Studies show that success in third grade reading provides a foundation that has an impact throughout students’ entire educational experience, even high school graduation.

All of the Academy campuses follow the Massachusetts State Standards and a curriculum that helps students realize their academic potential. Teachers emphasize reading, writing, and critical thinking skills across all subjects. Catholic values are embedded throughout, and a Catholic Faith Formation curriculum is taught at every grade level. There is a strong emphasis on STEM education as studies show it is critical to a child’s future academic success.


At the Academy, grade one through grade five classrooms utilize Sadlier’s We Believe curriculum. The lessons aim to empower our students to uphold their faith and go out into the world as Catholics—proud of who they are. The curriculum is designed to build Catholic Identity around core Catholic beliefs, practices, and principles so all students, including diverse learners, can truly embody their faith.


Teachers work to expand students reading and writing skills with guidance from McGraw Hill Wonders Program. Each lesson is finely tuned to the Common Core State Standards. The classroom environment is designed to support their learning with focused literacy work stations and teachers flexibly group students in literacy centers that engage and target both skill areas and abilities.

The Academy uses the Collins Writing Program to emphasize and improve student writing and critical thinking skills across the curriculum using a common format and scaffolded approach to the art of writing. All students keep a portfolio of their written work which allows teachers, students, and parents a concrete way to monitor each student’s development.


The research-based, math, science and technology curriculum promotes a strong focus on reasoning and conceptual skills. Students who are exposed to reasoning skills early on become more confident, independent learners. Students are able to develop a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts and apply the skills learned in everyday life.

Teachers are guided by Bridges Math Program which fully aligns to the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards. Lessons, which are differentiated by grade level, feature guiding questions to assess student’s understanding of the subject. The curriculum includes a technology platform for teachers and students to engage in problem-based interactive learning. To learn more, you can visit our math coaching site here.

To ensure students are ready for their next chapter, teachers utilize the Next Generation Science Standards to plan their lessons and measure students progress.

Campuses utilize the Massachusetts state digital literacy and computer science standards. In addition to computer science, the standards include updated expectations for digital literacy, such as appropriate online behavior, evaluating sources for accuracy and bias and the importance of reporting cyberbullying.

The Academy is a legacy school of St. Angela, St. Ann, St. Gregory, St. Mark, St. Kevin, St. Margaret, Blessed Mother Teresa, St. Peter, and St. William parishes in Dorchester, MA.