Early Childhood Program

A child's brain develops more in the first five years of life than at any other stage. At Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy, our early childhood program prepares students to succeed with over 93% ready for Kindergarten (K2) after attending our Preschool, Pre-K and K1 programs.

Saint John Paul II Academy’s Early Childhood Program is a well-developed, research-based program that introduces children from two years and nine months through kindergarten to the world of learning and a love of God.

Participants in a high-quality early childhood education like the Academy are 40% less likely to repeat a grade, 30% more likely to graduate from high school and more than twice as likely to go to college.

At the Academy, teachers create an environment that nurtures the social and emotional well-being of all students in order for effective learning to take place. The spaces are designed to fulfill their developmental needs and expand their creativity and curiosity. Our classrooms support the positive development of close and secure relationships and foster the expression and regulation of emotion and meaningful explorations.

We strive to educate the whole child as they grow spiritually, cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. The Lynch Foundation Preschool Program, which promotes school readiness and positive outcomes for children, continues to help our teachers focus on quality improvement and utilize child assessment tools to improve teacher practice.

Students participate in weekly art, music and physical education classes taught by a specialist. Every child also participates in Religion, Science, Social Studies and Computer classes each week.

Children learn through songs and poetry, activities and games, read-alouds, physical activity, and whole-class circle time. The curriculum promotes the essential academic, social and emotional growth in each student.


At the Academy, Preschool through K2 utilize Sadlier’s We Believe curriculum. With our youngest students focusing on discovering God with age-appropriate Scripture-based and theme-related stories, poems, chants, finger plays, and movement activities. Teachers work to foster and nurture children’s prayer life as well as celebrate holy days and holidays.

English Language Arts

Preschool through K2 utilize Pearson’s Opening the World of Learning, a comprehensive curriculum that covers all domains of early learning. The language skills in the O.W.L curriculum include conversation (speaking and listening), vocabulary development, book and print awareness, phonemic awareness, letter identification and writing. Integrated mathematics skills include number sense, numeration, spatial sense, measurement, geometry, and patterns. Science and social studies and the arts are woven throughout the day.


Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy implements the Building Blocks Math curriculum in its early childhood program. Building Blocks™ embeds mathematical learning in students’ daily activities—from designated math activities to circle and story time—to relate informal math knowledge to formal concepts. You can visit our math coaching site here to learn more.

The Academy is a legacy school of St. Angela, St. Ann, St. Gregory, St. Mark, St. Kevin, St. Margaret, Blessed Mother Teresa, St. Peter, and St. William parishes in Dorchester, MA.